It's certainly no secret that oil changes are among the most important routine maintenance items on your car's recommended service schedule. The oil change is one of the most common services because it plays a vital role in improving your engine's performance and longevity. So, what kind of oil does your car need? There are a few different types of oil, and the best one for your car depends on a variety of factors. Fortunately, our Toyota technicians know exactly what your car needs to perform at its best!

Here is a look at the most common oil types and what they're used for to help you determine which one might be the best for your car:

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is the one that most average cars use. It's ideal for cars with simple engine designs and average mileage, which describes many cars on the road around Leominster and beyond. So, if you're looking for an oil type that will serve your daily driver well, then conventional oil is likely for you.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is usually the go-to oil type for high-performance vehicles and hardworking trucks. It flows well even in extreme temperatures and it resists sludge, making it a good choice if you push your vehicle harder than the average car. Synthetic oil is more expensive, but it offers superior performance.

Synthetic Blend Oil

This oil type is a mix of conventional oil and synthetic oil, so it's a great middle ground. It offers better performance than conventional oil, but it generally costs less than synthetic, so it's a popular choice for drivers looking to get the best of both worlds.

Schedule Service

If you're not sure which oil type is right for your car, our team can assist you. If you're ready to make an appointment, please don't hesitate to schedule service at our Toyota service center near Fitchburg and Acton today!

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