Oil changes are key to keeping your Toyota Camry or Highlander in tip-top shape. Routine oil changes help keep your engine lubricated and clean. That way, your vehicle can run and perform efficiently. If your Toyota vehicle needs an oil & filter change, you may be wondering what other services are included. Besides our advanced change method, we like to include other auto maintenances for your vehicle.

Scheduling an oil change with our team includes a full vehicle inspection, filter replacements, a tire rotation, a brake check, fluid checks, and more. We strive to keep your Toyota car, truck or SUV healthy for all the miles ahead of you.

When Should I Schedule a Toyota Oil Change?

We here at Prime Toyota Route 2 take oil changes seriously. It is ideal to schedule an oil & filter change between 5,000-7,500 miles, depending on how much driving you do. Harsh weather conditions can also play a role in how much your vehicle needs an oil change. You can also check inside your owner's manual or ask our service team about the intervals that will work for your specific vehicle.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change with the Experts at Prime Toyota Route 2

The next time your Toyota 4Runner or RAV4 needs an oil change, we hope you will think of our Toyota service center. Our goal is to keep your vehicle running in excellent condition for the roads of Lancaster, Leominster, Fitchburg, and Acton for years to come.

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